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RotorSports Racing carries many different brands of performance and stock parts for all generations of Mazda RX-7. Please call for more information and prices.

Vendor / Item

RotorSports Racing

Aluminum AST tank
93-95 RX-7

Replace the stock plastic air separator tank with our sturdy black powdercoated aluminum one. The stock AST tank is prone to cracking and causing a massive coolant leak. This is a recommended reliability upgrade for all 3rd Generation FD3S RX-7's. Stock location installation. Looks great too.

AWRRon Davis

The AWR/Ron Davis competition aluminum radiators are excellent choices for any RX-7 and the selection of choice by Mazdaspeed. But you can purchase them here. If you know it is made by Ron Davis Racing, then you know that same quality is trusted by serious winning professional race teams throughout all areas of motorsports.

All AWR/Ron Davis radiators have these features:

  • Race car performance and quality for your race car or street car.
  • Completely constructed from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Fully tig welded fixture built for accuracy. No epoxy bonding Furnace brazed core..
  • Exclusive multi louvered fin design for exceptional cooling. No need to run outlandish thick core radiator.
  • CNC formed header tanks.

Radiators are direct bolt in design that require no modification to any existing factory accessories or body work. Correct outlets and hardware bosses to accept factory fans and hoses. Race track and street proven. Pressure tested to 32 psi - far beyond actual cooling system safe operating pressures.

AWR/Ron Davis

86-91 RX7 Crossflow Competition Radiator


AWR RX7 FC crossflow aluminum radiators

Even better cooling than above bolt in design, the new crossflow aluminum radiator retains the coolant in the radiator core longer. Coolant has to pass from side to side lengthwise instead of up and down in the radiator. Keeping the coolant in the radiator longer will generally dissipate [radiate] more heat out through the fins and since the fin design is so efficient, engine temperatures are reduced substantially. It will require slight modification on a street car. This is the ultimate set-up for running the 13B in full racing trim. Comes with installation kit. The standard radiator is sufficient for IT cars and hot street cars. 18 1/4' tall x 24" x 2 1/4" thick core and 19 x 28 overall.

AWR/Ron Davis

86-91 RX7 Cooling System Accessories


AWR RX7 FC cooling accessories Header tank with bleed port (middle). Swirl pot with bleed port. 1-1/8" lines (left) Hose adapter for Crossflow Radiator (right)

AWR/Ron Davis

93-95 RX7 Competition Radiator


AWR FD RX7 aluminum radiators This 6061-T6 all aluminum competition radiator features a heavy duty 1-125" core, and bolt in replacement into your 3rd gen Mazda RX-7. This radiator will keep your RX-7 rotary engine cool. Featuring a multi louvered fin design, this race radiator is equivalent to a 3 row radiator in cooling performance, but without the added bulk. Bolt in installation. No modifications required. Due to it's uncompromising quality and efficiency, this is chosen by Mazdaspeed Motorsports as their race radiator for the Mazda RX-7.


86-92 38mm Radiator



RX7 Fluidyne aluminum radiators

FLUIDYNE's highly polished, all-aluminum radiator will enhance any engine compartment and score points with the judges or ... whoever! Whether your look is chromed, anodized or color-matched, these radiators will make the view under the hood "Racey and High-Tech."

  • 100% Brazed Aluminum Core (No Epoxy Joints)
  • High Efficiency Air Fins
  • Polished Aluminum Tanks
  • Brackets, Hoses and Fittings All Meet OE Fit-Up


93-95 38mm Radiator





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