Mazda RX-7
12A, 13B, 20B performance engines
PowerFC, Haltech, AEM, wideband O2
cryogenics, coatings, rebuild kits, apex seals, pulleys
radiators,  Mazdaspeed, Fluidyne
injector upgrades, fuel cut defencers
spark plug wires
Intake options
Exhaust sytems, downpipes, midpipes, mufflers
flywheels, clutches, axle upgrades, differentials
Turbo upgrades, twins, singles
boost controllers, blow off valves, wastegates
Intercooler options
suspension kits, sway bars, brackets, bushings, etc.
brakes lines, cooling ducts, pads, rotors
Wheels and Tires
spoilers, wings, kits
interior options

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RotorSports Racing
Mazda Rotary Engines

Mazda RX-7
Performance Tuning

RotorSports Racing
Company Information

RotorSports Racing, Inc., in Kannapolis, North Carolina, is a performance race shop and race team offering rotary-specialized no-compromise service, preparation, tuning, engines, and products.

The goal of RotorSports Racing is to continue building more performance and reliability in rotary engine cars, planes, or whatever applications; and be somewhat of a team support shop for all our customer enthusiasts out there. You come to RotorSports Racing because we do not sacrifice quality with inferior parts or services. We know you expect the best for your project(s), as do we for ours.


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1993-95 FD3S FUEL UPGRADE KITS - RotorSports Racing fuel rail, 1600cc injectors, fuel pressure regulator, liquid filled FPR gauge, connectors, resistors, block off plate, and optional competition fuel pump.

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93-95 FD3S Steel-braided oil metering pump lines to replace old brittle stock plastic lines
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93-95 FD3S Competition PARALLEL dual oil cooler kit Call for price

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RotorSports Racing Competition Spark Plug Wires (kevlar sleeving)
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93-95 FD3S StopTech Big Brake Kit for FD3S Call for price
88-95 FC3S/FD3S Goodridge brake line kits Cal for price
Custom-built competition rotary engines

COATINGS for power, reliability, and good looks Engine internals, manifolds, turbos, and more.

Aquamist Water/Alcohol Injection Systems
Extrude Hone intakes and big bore throttlebody modfications for power
88-95 FC3S/FD3S Urethane motormounts to replace those broken or weak stock mounts

Idemitsu Racing rotary engine specific lubricants Developed by Idemitsu and Mazda, and now available in the US and through RotorSports Racing, the technology and experience behind these formulations are derived from Idemitsu's 1991 Le Mans winning formulation used in the legendary 787B.

Available in 10W/30 and 20W/50 full synthetics, and excellent FUEL LUBE/PREMIX synthetic blend.

There's a lot we offer that is not on this site, so call for any questions or something you don't see.


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