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Mazda RX-7
12A, 13B, 20B performance engines
PowerFC, Haltech, AEM, wideband O2
cryogenics, coatings, rebuild kits, apex seals, pulleys
radiators,  Mazdaspeed, Fluidyne
injector upgrades, fuel cut defencers
spark plug wires
Intake options
Exhaust sytems, downpipes, midpipes, mufflers
flywheels, clutches, axle upgrades, differentials
Turbo upgrades, twins, singles
boost controllers, blow off valves, wastegates
Intercooler options
suspension kits, sway bars, brackets, bushings, etc.
brakes lines, cooling ducts, pads, rotors
Wheels and Tires
spoilers, wings, kits
interior options




RotorSports Racing carries many different brands of performance and stock parts for all generations of Mazda RX-7. Please call for more information and prices. Information is being added to the site daily! RotorSports Racing does not do body repair work. But we may be able to work with you to purchase and install the body kit of your choice.

Vendor / Item

Racing Beat



Racing Beat Front Chin Spoiler 1993-95 FD3S

Racing Beat's Front chin spoiler accentuates the front of the RX-7 through a visual lowering effect. The wrap-around design, with functional air ducts, is simple to install. Manufactured with hand-laminated fiberglass matte and gel coat, the spoiler requires little more than detail-finishing and painting prior to final installation.

Racing Beat



Racing Beat Front Air Dam 1993-95 FD3S

Add an aggressive look to your RX-7 with this front air dam. This air dam is very easy to install and requires minimal installation effort. Manufactured with hand-laminated fiberglass matte and gel-coating, this air dam is ready for final detail finishing and painting.

Racing Beat



Racing Beat Type I Rear Wing

Racing Beat's Type I Rear Wing is tastefully styled to complement the RX-7's rear contours while simultaneously providing an aerodynamic balance for the car. Manufactured with hand-laminated fiberglass matte and gel coat, the Type I Rear Wing requires little installation effort. Detail finishing and painting complete the task, resulting in a stunning, much needed addition for the RX-7. The mounting hole positions on this wing do not align with the mounting hole positions on the stock wing.

Racing Beat



Racing Beat Type I Nose

This nose replaces the original RX-7 nose and projects a radical departure from the stock look. This Type I Nose features an oversized mouth to provide better intercooler air flow and two oversized brake ducts designed to provide improved air flow to the brakes.

The Type I Front Nose features openings for four 4-inch driving lights (not included). Manufactured from hand-laminated fiberglass matte and gel-coating, these skirts are ready for final fitment, detail preparation, and painting. The Type I Nose utilizes all of the original mounting hardware and brackets for easy installation.

Racing Beat



Racing Beat Side Skirts

Originally designed to complement the Type I nose kit, these side skirts are welcome addition to any RX-7. These side skirts help to beef-up the image of the RX-7 after the addition of a new nose piece, chin spoiler, or front air dam.

Manufactured from hand-laminated fiberglass matte and gel-coating, these skirts are ready for final fitment, detail preparation, and painting. For ease of installation, these skirts come complete with mounting instructions and hardware.




FC3S Front Fiberglass 2pc nose and spoiler

2-Piece fiberglass front end.

AWR EO1003


FC3S Front Fiberglass Spoiler

Will fit AWR fiberglass front nose, or stock nose with slight modification. Weighs 1.5 lbs. ITS & E-Producation legal. Has brake duct cutouts.



FC3S Front undertray section



FC3S Fiberglass rear bumper



FC3S Wide body front fender - right



FC3S Wide body front fender - left



FC3S Wide body rear fender - right



FC3S Wide body rear fender - left

AWR 01-E12


FC3S Complete Front Grille and Slitter

Complete Front Glass work to fit you stock 1986-91 RX-7 front end. Optimized for air management efficiency. CLASS EP/GT3

AWR EO4-7512


FC3S Front strut brace

AWR EO4-7512AD


FC3S Front strut brace - adjustable

AWR EO-7206


FC3S Rear upper shock mount and spring adjuster kit


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