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RotorSports Racing carries many different brands of performance and stock parts for all generations of Mazda RX-7. Please call for more information and prices. More information is being added to the site daily! This is only a partial listing of performance products offered.

Vendor / Item

Racing Beat

93-95 SP

1993-95 RX-7 Racing Beat Suspension Package
(Performance springs and sway bars)

Improve the handling of your RX-7 with a Racing Beat Suspension Package. Letís start with a set of Racing Beatís performance springs. Designed by Jim Mederer, Racing Beatís co-founder and chief engineer, to offer improved handling with a modest 3/4-inch (front Ė PN 14024) and a 1.5-inch (rear Ė PN 14025) drop in ride height, with only a 7% spring rate increase. Perfect for street or autocross applications, these springs will interchange exactly with the stock springs.

Next, we add a set of our precision sway bars. These sway bars are designed to reduce chassis-roll in turns and increase the RX-7ís sensitivity to steering input, thereby improving maximum cornering power.

Racing Beat


1993-95 RX7 Front Sway Bar - Solid

The Racing Beat designed 1.25" solid front sway bar offers the RX-7 enthusiast the opportunity for enhanced road handling ability under both street and high performance driving conditions. Each front sway bar is supplied with reinforced heavy duty mounting bracket and replacement urethane bushings.

Intended to be used as a matched set with Racing Beat's rear sway bar, this sway bar combo will improve the cornering ability of your RX-7.

NOTE: The stock connecting links are retained to ease installation. We also recommend the use of the Sway Bar Mount Reinforcment Strut with this sway bar, see Part Number 14120 below.

Racing Beat


1993-95 RX7 Front Sway Bar Mount Reinforcement Strut

Racing Beat's Sway Bar Mount Reinforcement Strut stiffens the mounting points for the front sway bar, utilizing the steering rack mounts, to both optimize front suspension performance and reduce the possibility of cracking the front sway bar mounts as a result of repeated hard cornering. The assembly is designed to accommodate both the stock sway bar as well as virtually all aftermarket sway bars being offered. The bar is coated with durable, white powdercoating and is simple to install.

Recommended use with steel reinforced sway bar mounting brackets

Racing Beat


1993-95 RX7 Rear Sway Bar - Tubular

The Racing Beat designed adjustable Rear Sway Bar provides a matched balance for the performance of our Front Sway Bar. The tubular rear bar features urethane bar bushings (and comes supplied with Prothane grease) and retention of the stock mounting hardware to simplify installation. An OEM style retaining clamp has been incorporated into the design of the bar to prevent lateral bar movement that might otherwise occur under heavy loads.

Racing Beat

$50 each front spring

$54 each rear spring

93-95 RX7 Racing Beat Front Coil Springs

The Racing Beat designed coil springs are suitable for a variety of street, autocross, and race applications. These linear rate springs interchange exactly with the stock springs and will not come loose when the car is jacked up. These 1993-95 RX-7 springs will provide a front and rear drop of approximately .75 inch (front) and 1.5 inch (rear). The spring rates are as follows: front - 260, rear - 212. This equates to a 7 percent increase over the stock rates.

AWR 0000-04-7304

$175 set

1993-95 Reinforced Front Sway Bar Brackets - Steel

The stock sway bar brackets have been known to crack and break under heavy turning loads. These reinforced steel sway bar brackets provide extra support and replace the stock brackets without any modifications.

Compatible with all aftermarket sway bars that bolt up with the stock mounting brackets. Also compatible with Racing Beat's sway bar reinforcement strut.


N1 2000 Spec Damper System

262AZ002 93-95

New pillow mount and new spring

A'PEXi N1 2000 Spec Damper System

N-1 Damper Systems provide awesome driver feedback and response, as well as a high level of tuning flexibility. Born from the grueling N-1 Endurance Race Series, the N-1 Dampers feature adjustable spring perches and adjustable lower collars so that ride height can be changed without affecting the length of the damper stroke. The shock absorber is a gas-charged, short-case, short-stroke, monotube design that can be fine-tuned with its 13-step ride adjustment settings. With the proper equipment and technical knowledge, the dampers can be disassembled, revalved and rebuilt to suit the requirements of hardcore suspension gurus. The system also includes high-performance upper pillow mounts (unless indicated otherwise) to complete this comprehensive damper system. N-1 Damper Systems use the highest quality materials and are manufactured in-house at our Fuji, Japan factory to tightly monitor quality control and ensure years of reliable service.




$358 each
(customer must return old control arms)

FC3S Competition Front Lower Control Arms

Needle bearing front lower control arm set up. Eliminates binding found in stock control arms, specifically with lowered ride-height. For EP/ITS classes.


AWR EO4-7202

$333 pair

FC3S - 2nd Gen Front Strut Tubes

Seamless tubing, TIG welded spindle brackets, zinc-plated sleeves, and adjusters. Tubes are fabricated to match the stock tube dimensions using thick-walled tubing and mounting brackets, providing a much stronger strut., enabling it to take more abuse without bending or deforming. The tubes are threaded for easy fitment of Koni race cartridges (0000-04-7211-KN). Kit includes (2) fabricated strut tubes, (2) threaded sleeves, (2) lower spring perches. Springs and shocks are not included. E-Production class.


P/N 0000-04-7206-AW


FC3S - Coil over hardware kit

Kit contains: (2) solid upper shock mounts with integral spring perch for 2.5' I.D. race springs, (2) threaded sleeves, (2) lower spring perches, and required hardware.



$175 pair

FC3S - Rear Control Arm Camber Adjusters

Locking adjuster to facilitate positive camber adjustments. Control camber individually for both rear wheels.

AWR EO1-370

$55 pair

FC - Front roll center blocks

Correct roll center on lowered vehicles for better handling



FC3S - Rear subframe and differential bushing kit - aluminum

The rear subframe bushing kit includes the aluminum bushings with a steel sleeve for the subframe outer mounts to the chassis; as well as the mounts for the differential carrier ("wing" mounts).


$264 pair

FC3S - Adjustable rear toe links

4130 tube with left and right toe ends to allow easy toe adjustments. Modification required.


$198 kit

FC3S - Rear outer control arm bearing kit

More to come..

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