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Guru Mazda 2 Piece Eccentric Shaft

GURU Racing can supply a two piece eccentric shaft for a 13B engine that substantially reduces eccentric shaft flex as well as providing extra bearing surface area the end result is increased horsepower, with substantially increased reliability! RotorSports Racing is your source for importing Guru components, installation, and service.

The unit is especially designed for exceptionally high horse-powered and high revving engines, where bearing fatigue and crank flex is detrimental to engine reliability.

Technical Specifications:


  • Currently delivered for all 13B Mazda engines Suits Mazda models - RX7 (Generation 1 - 3, Series I - VI)
  • Suitable for road and race applications


  • 30% more bearing surface area than a standard 13B Shaft
  • Helps reduce bearing failure & fatigue on high boasted turbo engines
  • Helps eliminate crankshaft flex at high rpms
  • Reduces crankshaft flex therefore rotor clearance can be set to a minimum and seal clearances can be set tighter for increased horsepower
  • Stronger
  • Substantially Lighter
  • Kit supplied with all components and specifications for centre housing machining to fit the centre bearing.
  • Needle Roller bearing for the centre housing included within the kit
  • Weight is 1.2kg (2.65 pounds) lighter than a 'standard' eccentric shaft (therefore helps rpm's quicker)
  • All components are precision manufactured.

This is a special order product.
US prices are subject to exchange rates at time of order.
Plus shipping

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