Mazda RX-7
12A, 13B, 20B performance engines
PowerFC, Haltech, AEM, wideband O2
cryogenics, coatings, rebuild kits, apex seals, pulleys
radiators,  Mazdaspeed, Fluidyne
injector upgrades, fuel cut defencers
spark plug wires
Intake options
Exhaust sytems, downpipes, midpipes, mufflers
flywheels, clutches, axle upgrades, differentials
Turbo upgrades, twins, singles
boost controllers, blow off valves, wastegates
Intercooler options
suspension kits, sway bars, brackets, bushings, etc.
brakes lines, cooling ducts, pads, rotors
Wheels and Tires
spoilers, wings, kits
interior options




The Haltech E6K and E6X are powerful "real time" programmable fuel injection and ignition computers designed to control most ignition type engines. Whether 1-6, 8, 10, or 12 cylinders, 1-2 rotors, naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, the Haltech E6K and E6X can control it.

More than a programmable fuel injection computer - it provides logging of engine data and allows access in real time to maximize performance and troubleshoot problems in a vehicle while running. Typical Applications include:

  • Conversion from carburetion to fuel injection
  • Control of fuel injection on modified engines
  • Race and rally applications of all descriptions
  • Design and development purposes
  • Educational use by universities and colleges
  • Original equipment in cars and motorcycles

E6K Features E6X Features
  • 4 additional pulse width modulated outputs over the E6M
  • 8 injector drivers as standard equipment
  • An internal barometric pressure sensor
  • Enhanced BAC valve control
  • Enhanced wastegate control
  • Up to 4 fuel and 4 ignition channels (internal toggle)
  • 4 dedicated PWM outputs
  • 1 auxiliary input
  • 1 auxiliary output (tacho output)
  • Dedicated closed loop idle control
  • Dedicated closed loop O2 correction
  • 8 injector drivers as standard equipment
  • An internal barometric pressure sensor
  • New RA8 reluctor adaptor
  • Rev limiter
  • Deceleration fuel cut
  • Datalogging to laptop
  • Flatshift
  • Dual Mapping
  • High boost software (up to 65psi with optional MAP sensor)
E6K User Configurable Outputs: E6X PWM Outputs
  • Closed loop idle speed
  • Electronic boost control
  • Thermofan
  • NOS enable
  • BAC valve
  • Shiftlighting
  • Stall-saver
  • Anti-lag
  • Turbo Timer
  • Rev limiter
  • Air con
  • Closed loop O2 sensor
  • Deceleration fuel cut
  • Intercooler fan
  • Aux. fuel pump
  • staging signal
  • torque convertor
  • dual intake valve

* not all functions are available at the same time

  • Electronic boost control
  • engine control relay
  • intercooler fan
  • aux. fuel pump
  • torque converter
  • thermofan
  • NOS enable
  • turbo timer
  • staging signal
  • anti-lag
  • BAC valve
  • stall saver
  • dual intake valve
  • VTEC
  • shiftlighting
  • air con

* not all functions are available at the same time





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