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SYSTEM 2c Designed for use with third party Engine Management System. The kit provides all the necessary hardware to interface with the PWM output signal.

DESCRIPTION This newly developed system is designed solely for users equipped with their own ECU so he can program his own water injection map. This system is being used by two top works WRC teams in the 1999 World Rally Championship. The system provides a pre-pressurised water line up to 8 bars and the flow rate is metered by our latest High speed Valve (HSV). The inline valve is made of high grade Stainless steel and capable of achieving a cycling rate of over 250Hz.

INTERFACING and DRIVE SIGNAL Due to the huge number of custom Electronic Management System available on the market, we have selected a set of parts that will work effectively on most systems. In references to the schemetic diagram on the bottom of this page, the only parts that requires interfacing is the HSV (High Speed Valve). Refinements such as flow rate and block jet detection can easily be obtained with a minimum of signal conditioning parts to achieve a fully integrated water injection system with diagnostic capablities.

HSV (HIGH SPEED VALVE) In almost all cases, the compatibility of the drive signal is of the utmost importance for good flow control. The HSV has a coil resistance of 13 ohm, it is suitable to be driven by the standard fuel injector signals, including the "pulse and hold" driver. As the designed operating cycling speed of the valve is over double of the standard fuel injectors (250Hz+), it is not necessary to use low impedance windings. The valve is terminated with water proof sealed connectors (IP65).
MANIFOLD (WITH 2-10 BAR ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE SWITCH) The manifold comes with an adjustable pressure switch (2-10 bars), its primary function was to regulate the water pressure during injection and idle periods (set at 5 bars). As the pulsed signal from the pressure switch is directly proportional to the flow of water, it can either be recorded by an on board data acquistion system for diagnostic purposes or read by the control ECU to monitor blockage or water jet and other faults that may arise.



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