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SYSTEM 2d Latest addition for 2003 - Full 3-D water injection system without programming! It keeps track of the fuel flow and inject water with a fixed w/f ratio, change jet for different ratios.

Introduction: For those who wants a 3-D water injection MAP but do not want to spend the time-consuming task of mapping, this system is perfect for you. The heart of the system is a newly developed controller that reads the PWM signal from the engine's fuel injector (including Peak and Hold type) and convert it to drive the High Speed Valve to deliver water, it draws less than 10ma from the pulsed line. This will enable the water injection to follow a fixed water/fuel ratio. A 3-30psi Adjustable Pressure Switch (normally closed) sets the cut-in point relative to the manifold pressure. It just cannot be simpler for the user. The system provides a pre-pressurised water line up to 8 bars and the flow rate is metered by our High speed Valve (HSV). This inline valve is made of high grade Stainless steel. As usual, except for the water tank, the system is supplied with everything needed to be fitted with ease.

The Fuel Injection Amplifier v2 (FiA2) ... Apart from mirroring the fuel injection pulses, it also monitors the fuel's duty cycle and converting it to 0-5 Volt for the purposes of data logging or just want to know if your stock injectors has maxed out. Two coloured LEDs are mounted on the top side of the box. The green LED indicates successful detection of fuel injection pulses and the red LED lights up when water in being injected ( preset manifold pressure is reached).
There is more... Concealed inside this tiny exterior, it holds a very important diagnostic circuitry - it will detect BLOCKED water jet !!! it reads the pulsed signal form the centre pin of the Aquamist pump and compares it to the water valve pulses and flags an error signal to yet another 1.5A output drive to trigger a relay or a boost limiting solenoid valve to bring the boost pressure to a safe level should a blocked jet be detected.

Specifications of parts in kit
Magnetic piston pump (race version) 1 806-052
Stainless High Speed Vlave 1 806-244
Inline 100 micron stainless filter 1 806-257
1.5 meter of translucent nylon hose (4mm O/D) 1 806-261
1.5 meter of translucent nylon hose (6mm O/D) 1 806-266
Water pump loom with 15A inline fuse (std.pump) 1 806 286
M6 x 16mm Stainless nut, bolt and washer 1 set of 4
M8x0.75mm tap for water jet 1 806-284
0.5mm water jet 4mm hosetail 180cc/m @5bar 1 806-302
0.6mm water jet 4mm hosetail 225cc/m @5bar 1 806-309
0.7mm water jet 4mm hosetail 260cc/m @5bar 1 806-316
one Wiring diagram wiring diagram 1+1 806-655
40A Power Relay for independent switching 1 806-276
Single channel WI manifold 1 806-201
FiA2 Fuel injection amplifier Kit 1 806-441
3-30psi Adjustable Pressure switch mounting bracket (n/c) 1 806-157

Connection diagram for the system2D


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