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DDS2 Dash Display System Dash-board
Display for monitoring water flow, user define warning levels for controlling external boost controller to reduce boost when abnormal water flow is detected.

The much awaited Dash Display System 2 has arrived, at last user can keep an eye on their water injection system without having to predict the water flow based on jet sizes and controllers. Works in conjunction with the all-new flow sensor (806-428), launched at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham at the beginning of 2002. The sensor shown on the left is the result of a three-year intense development effort of our own design team. Pulses from the magnetised turbine are digitally translated by an internal micro-controller, giving an linearized output signal of 0-5V proportional to the water flow. A small 10-segment bar-graph display module completes the line-up of the DDS2 kit. This system is intended for use with system1s, but equally effective with other Aquamist water injection systems. A "Sensor Calibrate" (SC) potentiometer is included so the sensor can be used for other makers of water delivery systems. Flow detecting range is between 100ml to 450ml/minute.

The Bargraph module incorporates an user definable window (WA) for shifting the lower and upper limits for allowing a boost extension valve (optional) to be switched in the event of correct water flowrate. This all-import safety fearture is the our answer to many critics of water injection where users can add a fair degree of confidence in using water as a replacement of running over-rich air/fuel mixture for the purpose of combustion chamber cooling.



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